Our sweet old MacKenzie lived to be 16 years and 5 months!  She is the mom, grandmom, greatgrandmom, and greatgreatgrandmom to almost every dog we have here at Promontory Cavaliers. She is the epitome of elegance, grace, sweetness, and all that a Cavalier should be!  We adore her.


Water colored painting of Veribas Olde Money Crown, MacKenzie, done by he breeder, Karen Cusick, Veribas Kennels.

MacKenzie, far right, with three of her daughters.

Mac with daughters ChaCha and her sister Piper. These pups were sired by CKCSC & AKC CH Pascavale Pancho.

Veribas Olde Crown Money

Veribas Olde Crown Money at 7 1/2 years old...still beautiful!

MacKenzie stole my heart from the minute she was born and I don't think I've ever seen a more lovely Cavalier! MacKenzie (far right) below with two of her daughters, ChaCha and Jessie.

MacKenzie was shown and won her two majors and a boatload of RWB ribbons. Although she never finished (showing just wasn't her "thing") she produced many champions!

Mac N Cheese, at almost 12, sunning herself on a warm summer day! We love this girl to the moon and back!

AKC CH & CKCSC CH Miletree MacNab

Miletree Montby

Miletree Kentucky Dream

Miletree Dream On

Miletree Louisianna

Miletree Mystery Dream

Miletree Dream On

Miletree Mystery

Miletree Evening Dream

Miletree Dream On

Aldachell Dream Lover

Miletree Martini

Miletree Bedtime Story

Volney Shenanigan

Miletree Memphis Belle

Brooksbur Rock Solid

Brooksbur Ocean Spirit

Elderberry Harvest at Brooksbur

Quendale Boomarang

Spring Thyme Popsie Po

Allimac weet Lady Rainbow at Brooksbur

Sanubray April Star of Brooksbur

AKC CH & CKCSC CH Hurleaze Birthday Boy at Shirmont

Hurleaze Royal Venture

Hurleaze Christmas Charm

Sanubray Shining Star